What is E-Sports Betting?

Esports bet 2018

E-Sports betting as the name suggests, you wage on a sport of your choice in any of the many sports betting sites online.  The stake can be about any factor of the game, and the odds are given on the site. E-Sports betting has fast gained a reputation amongst the global masses. In fact, it is estimated that five times more money was discharged into e-sports betting than betting in a physical casino in Las Vegas which attract a considerable number of punters online in the United Kingdom including greyhound racing, football and horse racing.

How does E-Sports Betting work?

The way e-sports betting works are usually the same on all betting sites and platforms. Quite a couple of e-sports betting provide online gambling and casino and players can bet and wage using a single account. Lots of companies which provide e-sports betting have been operating bricks and mortar betting businesses for many so many years.

If you are 18 and above and choose to try your luck in e-sports betting it is advisable to select a site that offers secure registration, provides up to date odds, if possible allows you to put your bets without the need of downloading any software. Also, choose a site that offers enough array in the kinds of wagers you can make and must be registered in your area.

Reliable E-Sports Betting Site

Secure transactions and secure registration are very essential as of the growing threat of frauds online and identity theft as well.  Make sure to pay close attention to the terms and conditions to know your legal responsibility in case your account gets compromised. Make sure that there is no hidden and recurring charge which might catch you unawares. It’s your accountability to make sure that e-sport betting company you choose to play with has an excellent reputation for fair dealing. Also, ensure that have an efficient and quick payment system. Some e-sport betting site has a same day payment mode, 24/7 customer service assistance. Check diverse e-sports betting websites and visit relevant forums to get some idea of which website provides a fantastic experience suitable to your personality.


Lots of e-sports betting sites provide free membership and welcome bonuses to new members. They have remarkable referral programs which can result in substantial bonus earnings. These websites have no entry barriers and getting a membership is stress-free. In fact, you can open an account for free, and you can lay a wage of the amount you want. You’re not restricted by race in your option of e-sports betting website. You can stake on a championship football match anywhere you are and no matter what you are doing.

With esports betting site, you are free to bet on any sporting games anywhere you are in the world. What is more, lots of websites provide customisation to your currency and language. Therefore you know precisely what you are betting as well as the amount of money to wager to enjoy the game responsibly.

Casino & Free Spins

UK Free Spins

Free spins are often used in online casinos and virtual gambling websites where you don’t have to pay for a spin and whatever you do win, you can keep. Usually, a casino will give you upwards of 10 free spins that you can use to gain “riches” on a predetermined slot machine. These turns aren’t free because of the terms and conditions of the casino. Without these terms and conditions, the casino would be losing significant revenue. And with these, only a very lucky or a very smart gambler would make a profit, and those are considerably less than average.

How Free Spins Work

While Free Spin Bonuses are often associated with different kinds of casinos.
How these are implemented in the different types of games is again, determined how the casino wants to integrate the concept.
In most cases, these free spins are used to introduce new gamblers to the website without the risk of early investment.
Any winnings you do get from these spins is shifted to your bankroll.
But, considering there are Wagering Requirements which are mentioned in the terms and requirements when signing up.
Means you can’t redeem these winnings (if you do win of course) before playing a certain amount of money.
Reading through the terms and requirements when it comes to online casinos is important.
Otherwise, you may get into an unexpected turn of events with your money.

Why Free Spins make Online Casinos Money

Free spins are big for the casinos that are. They allow customers to get the exhilaration of betting without the risk involved.
This is important because if someone does end up winning a jackpot on those “free” spins, they can’t redeem it unless they play a certain amount.
There are always smart-gamblers that do get away with hefty profits.
The key is to quit while you’re ahead, which will allow you to make the most off your profit.
But, since average gamblers don’t leave the room with a profit in hand, the house isn’t usually at a loss.
Plus, free spins invite a lot of people to try their game out and get the most out of.

Should you Use Free Spins?

Well, of course. As mentioned before, they are a great way of getting a “hang” of the game.
With no loss in capital, you can enjoy the game for the entirety.
If you do have a plan to quit while you’re ahead, you can take it to the bank.
If you don’t however, you are pretty much still enjoying the game in any case.
What do you do if you end up winning the jackpot? You can use the bankroll money to play further.
If the casino has a minimum money deposit, you can use your free spin money and add it on top.
However, the fact that free spins won’t mean much until you play a certain amount means that you should have an exit strategy.

How can you define Casino Bonus? Part 1

Casino Bonus

There is some serious competition in the online gambling industry.
Because it’s such a competitive field, most only casinos will offer casino bonus money.This is a very basic offer they must attract customers too, the more bonuses virtual casinos give you, the more likely you are to try them out. These are signup bonuses where after you deposit your money, they give you an up to 100% bonus so you can add it to your bankroll.

What Bonus Money Means

While Bonus money does sound great, it isn’t free money. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘free money’ in the gambling world.
So, how do they end up giving you that extra money and still turn a profit from it? Do they risk losing money? Well, there is a little something called a “minimum amount”.
Mostly, you cannot withdraw your money until you have played a certain amount of money.
This is a betting minimum and is called “wager requirement”.
This is mainly how these virtual gambling sites attract customers while risking little to no loss in capital.

What is Wager Requirement?

Wager Requirement is a scapegoat for online casinos, a way to protect themselves.
The problem with gambling is that no one quits while they’re ahead, it’s always that push for more money that keeps driving the average gambler forward.
WR wasn’t created for the average gambler; it was designed for the smart player that quits after they’ve made an excellent initial profit, WR helps the house when the casino risks losing money.
While capitalising on this principle, these online gambling websites defend themselves against smart gamblers.
Necessarily, if you do get lucky and quit while you’re ahead, you can turn a good profit from this early bonus.
However, repeatedly pushing your luck -like a lot of gamblers do- makes it more profitable for the house.

Is it profitable for Online Casinos to use Bonus Money offers?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is it depends.
When you use offers like these, the primary purpose is to attract more customers. However, the more people that join in, the more risk for loss.
However, because the average gambler will not fully take advantage of this bonus while they ahead mean that the casino is making a profit.
With that in mind, the more players that join a casino, the more ‘risk’ of getting more smart players.
And with that increased risk, they again risk losing more capital.
Casinos make a hefty profit from these bonuses, and that is the average gambler that joins by the thousands.

Should you go for Bonus Money offers?

Depending on the type of gambler you are, and whether you have a strategy or not in mind.
If you do, however, then bonus money can be useful in getting a good profit in. If not, then you will risk losing your initial investment, along with your bonus money.