Review of Cashino


About Cashino

Cashino is an exciting place to enjoy the best slot machines. The platform was created way back in 2014. It is managed by the Malta-based Merkur Interactive. The name might not ring a bell. However, Gauselmann Group will surely do. The latter is one of the foremost providers of both offline and online gaming solutions across the EU. So far, there are just three brands under the Merkur family, and Cashino comes in red hot. The platform offers a wide range of slots as it integrates some of the best software manufacturers. Likewise, they provide an all-around service. You can always find them anywhere. Whether you chose to enjoy freaking offline gaming or you chose to flex it on your PC or mobile device, it’s up to you. The platform has a straightforward design with a layout that portrays class.

Collection of Games at Cashino

The selection of games at Cashino is quite commendable. For now, they have more than 300 games. These include all the categories of games that make up a standard casino. Likewise, they offer some of the best slot games. The live casino section is as real as real can be. Cashino offers players the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. The live casino offers a very interactive experience. Hence, players can enjoy fantastic live games like Poker; Roulette; Blackjack and many other games that make up this category. Equally, Cashino also features numerous jackpots. Enjoy your favourite jackpot games like Purple Hot; Deal or no deal; Age of the Gods; Pixel Samurai etc. Also, Cashino features some branded games as well. Enjoy their collection of branded games like Kong Scratch; Gladiator-Road to Rome; Hawaiian Treasure; Gladiator and several other games.


Mobile Gaming

Cashino takes pride to present a platform where offline meets online. That’s because they wish to ensure that payers have access to play their favourite games. Hence, whether you are close to the next Cashino outlet or you are sitting in front of your computer, fun is just a click away. Likewise, they take another step to bring the game closer with you wherever you go. Just as you move around with your mobile phone, you can also walk around with Cashino in your pocket. Feel free to take some time out during that long trip or lunch and share in the fun. Cashino presents a friendly user interface that is compatible with mobile devices. Not all games that are available on PC or offline are also available on mobile. However, players can also enjoy live games, slots, table games and several other on mobile.

Find your answers here

Cashino operates a very hospitable platform. The quality of service cuts across the board. Whether you are playing offline, you can also get in touch. If you are playing in the middle of nowhere from your PC, they will always attend to you. Likewise, while you are on the move, Cashino moves along. All you have to do is say the word, and you will receive answers as fast as possible. Players can always get in touch between 1 pm and 10 pm. This is limited to telephone calls and live chat. However, their email doors are never closed. Players can always send their questions via email anytime. So far, the response is usually within 24 hours.

Shine Bright with the Cashino welcome bonus

Register; make that first ever deposit and shine on. This is the basic rule for you to qualify to receive the welcome package at Cashino. Cashino offers a one-time bonus. However, the premium seems more like a 3-1in-1 package. This is because players get to receive a match bonus; extra spins and an additional match bonus for offline gaming. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Likewise, after each deposit, Cashino offer players 100% up to $250. As regards the extra spins, it depends on your initial deposit amount. Players who deposit between $10-$50 will only receive ten extra spins. Deposits between $50.01-$100 will earn 25 additional turns.

Furthermore, deposits between $100.01-$249.99 will receive 60 extra spins. Finally, players will win 150 extra spins if only they make deposits above $250. The additional extra $10 can only be used offline in any of their retail outlets.

Continue shinning with the Cashino Promotions

After enjoying a wild welcome, Cashino keeps special promotions in place to ensure you always keep shining. Currently, there are just two ongoing promotions. One of them is the Live Casino Matched offer while the other is the 10% Slots Cashback. For the former, it offers players a rare opportunity to grab an extra $10 on the live casino. This promotion is available to every player whether old or new. However, it is only available to players making their first bet on the Live casino. Cashino Keeps the rule very simple. Deposit $10 and receive an extra $10. Winnings from the extra bucks will be credited straight to your account. However, it is important to note that two separate deposits of $5 each will not count. The bonus is available for a seven day period. Afterwards, it will no longer be available.

Banking and Security

Cashino is a very secure platform. They currently have a verified and valid security certificate. This means that all the information that you send to the site is safe. Also, it cannot be accessed by any third party without your consent.

Cashino has very few payment options. So far, they accept deposit and withdrawal via PayPal; VISA; Paysafecard; Maestro; Bank Transfer and a few others. These are all familiar payment methods. Hence, it is evident that Cashino is only dealing with the best regarding speed; security and convenience. Players can easily make deposits using any method of choice. The minimum acceptable deposit is $5 while the minimum for withdrawal is $10. So far, the payment process has been applauded by many players. Not necessarily because it is fast but because Cashino keeps time. Payout typically takes between 3-5 business days. This means that once you have done the needful, all you have to do is relax and your payment will be sent to you within the specified time.

Final thoughts

Cashino takes everything at their own pace. Their welcome bonus and promotions are not very inviting. However, what’s more, important is their ability to redeem their promises. Also, they provide both offline and online gaming. That makes it a lot easy to monitor their activities. Cashino is regulated by the UKGC and the Malta Gambling Authority. Hence, its fun all the way. Go to Best Casino Sites for more in-depth reviews and listing of the best promotions.

Black Jack Strategy

Black Jack History 2018


Playing Black Jack is easy, and it has simple rules. Why then, is it so complicated to win all hands? Before you try your hand at Black Jack, here are some basic strategies that you should keep in mind.

Perfect Basic Strategy, as it is known, is what you must understand and implement in your game of Black Jack to notching up your chances of winning by a mere 0.5% chance.

The Basics

The basic strategy is not enough to start winning games. It could either be lucky, or you are leaning on small chances to win some of your games. The basic strategy is not enough to overcome the edge. Try to look at it in this angle: consider it as a space shuttle. The booster does not go to space; it just launches the shuttle. Once the shuttle is up in space, it sets into orbit and goes about its business. You will need to count, and deviate and count accurate conversions. We shall deal with this later in this guide.

Start by following one chart. Till you understand the strategy of the game, it is advised that you do not mix and match any two charts. The best advice you can get is, learn to understand the charts in order. Do not confuse any two strategies.

Memorize it in perfect order. This is where you will start incorporating the strategies that you have studied, learnt and are comfortable with. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to memorise it so that you will know the strategy without having to refer to the chart repeatedly.

Going forward advancing your technique

Having a 1 % higher chance of winning is not good enough. It only means that there is a 99 % chance of losing! You not only have to know the chart forwards, but backwards as well. You should know it like the back of your hand, so thoroughly that you should know it inside out even if you are roused from your deepest sleep! You should be as good as a professional con artist!

Will surrendering help? Lots of people who play Black Jack have this common question. The option of surrendering is legal only on the first two cards that are dealt, and not after that. Some casinos do not have the option of surrendering at all. Know the rules before you play. Also, surrendering is not allowed if you are in the possession of a hit card.

Is splitting an option? If so, when? If your first two cards are a pair or if you have two high cards such as a king and a jack, you must make the decision of whether you will split or not. If you decide that you will not split, then…

Id doubling the next option? If you are likely to win the hand, depending on the cards that you are in possession of, say yes. If you decide not to, then you should think about whether you will hit or stand.

Following these simple rules will give you a higher chance of winning. Good luck!

History of gambling

UK History of GamblingThe history of gambling as part of the American culture has been prevalent for a long time. The gambling industry has been holding a powerful presence in the life of its residents as people have been visiting local gambling junctions or playing it online at regular intervals for many years. The gambling room basically, goes back to the time before European Settlement. It was also during that time; the Native American society was believed to be betting in many physical competitions. The travellers who came crossing the Atlantic Ocean brought the game of dice and card with them and based the game on the lines of gambling.

This was the moment from which the gambling entered the blood of America. Even during the American civil war the soldiers from both the side involved in betting along with the miners. The early part of the 20th century saw a protest against gambling and role of the community demanded the complete closure of the industry. When the law was passed, it began to be carried out in an underground manner and became a part of the organised crime called as Mafia

Attaining the legal status

The mafia culture stayed active in America until the year 1931, after which Nevada a modern state of US gave legal status to gambling. The Nevada was the first region in the history of betting which took such a step.

The mobsters of the state were very happy with the decision as they found it to be an attractive way to gain huge profits. By the year 1950, the mafia created Las Vegas as the gambling hub of the country. But, with the passage of time the state took over Las Vegas and ended the mafia culture. Las Vegas was further created as a gambling paradise that is still known to attract people from across the world. Las Vegas was followed by New Jersey regarding legalised gambling. In the year 1977, the Atlantic City of New Jersey became the gambling hub of the Northeast.

However, by 1980, the government of the United States granted permission to Native Americans to construct and run casinos built on the tribal property. The term tribal casinos meant that if somebody lives in a place where big casinos are not granted permission to run, and the person lives near to a water body like a creek, then a casino can be built there and it would be given a status of a tribal casino.

Discovering the different forms of Casinos

The gambling industry has travelled a long way from its betting days after attaining the legal status. All states have various laws about gambling and have all authority to create their gambling laws based on their gambling establishments. There are three forms of casinos existing. The most popular way is the commercial casinos run by private organisations. These casinos are designed to earn huge revenues and high profits. The second form of a casino is the non-commercial establishments that include state lotteries, Native-American run casinos and charities. The third type is the tribal casinos also known as free casinos built on Native American lands. With the development of technology, online casinos have also become very popular but are run by specific laws laid down by the Federal government.

Midlands and Wales land based casinos

Casinos midlands wales

A country that has numerous historical sites, dazzling coastline and immeasurable natural and scenic beauty get plenty of visitors from all over the globe. Great Britain is one such country that boasts of such immense scenic beauty along with a vast heritage and spectacular shoreline. Midlands and Wales stand out among all the places in the UK.

Apart from visiting these sites and enjoying the beauty and their panorama the visitors and tourists may wish to get some holistic entertainment, savour good food and also know about the local culture.

Among other entertainment spots, casinos find a prominent place. Midlands and Wales are also lined up with various casinos.

East Midlands

Leicester and Nottingham are two high-flying cities of East Midlands. These towns in the heart of the country are lined up with several casinos. The largest and the most visited casinos here are Gala Casino in Leicester and Casino Alea Nottingham. For entertainment, at these and other casinos you have slot machines, Roulette, Poker and Blackjack game tables. Entry is for adults above 18, and each one has to bring his/her ID proof. You can go to the official website of the different casinos to know about the various working hours, dress code and rules which vary for each casino.

Here is a list of other casinos in East Midlands you can pick the one that suits your taste the best.

❖ Aspers Northampton
❖ Dusk-till-dawn Casino and Poker
❖ Genting Nottingham
❖ Genting Leicester
❖ Genting Club Riverlights
❖ Grosvenor Northampton
❖ Grosvenor Nottingham
❖ Grosvenor Leicester

West Midlands

This area has outstanding scenic beauty and significant historic sites and boasts of places like Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry and Birmingham.

Genting Casino Hurst St Birmingham and Genting Club Star City Birmingham are quite well-known here. Electronic gaming machines, American Roulette and Blackjack Game Tables are the highlights of the casinos here.

This area has some other casinos, and each of them features different rules, dress code and timings. You can refer the websites of each of these to know in detail about them. To gain entry you need to be above 18 and carry an ID.

Other casinos include

❖ Broadway Casino
❖ Grosvenor Casino Birmingham
❖ Genting Casino Edgbaston
❖ Genting Casino Chinatown
❖ Castle Casino
❖ Genting Club Stroke
❖ Grosvenor Casino g Birmingham
❖ Grosvenor G Casino Coventry
❖ Grosvenor G Casino Walsall
❖ Grosvenor Casino Stoke
❖ Rainbow Casino Birmingham
❖ Rubicon Casino


Mountainous landscapes, spectacular shores and striking natural beauty draw thousands of tourists to Wales. Cardiff and Swansea are the talented and famous places out there. Along with excellent dining options, you have excellent shopping facilities too. Performances and exhibitions are often held here which brings a lot of global crowd to this place. The coastal town of Cardiff is also known for the lively nightlife and casino games. Roulette, craps, blackjack and poker games tables along with electronic machines for gaming are offered at these places. Only people above 18 gain entry and they need to bring an ID.

Casinos in Wales are

❖ Rainbow casino Cardiff
❖ Grosvenor G Casino Cardiff
❖ Grosvenor Casino Swansea
❖ Les Croupiers Casino

This is a list of all the casinos at Midlands and Wales. You can have your pick and enjoy a game or two of gambling or your favourite game whenever you visit these places.

Mobile Casinos UK

Mobile Casino UK

Mobile Casino

Whether it is a penchant for money or the excitement and luck that makes gambling fun and exciting, taking chances with a good prize money, casinos whether real or virtual, are liked by a majority of people worldwide. In this guide, we will find out the best casinos on mobile. Let us take a look.

Number One

Spin Palace Casino: This luxurious casino is open to people from all over the world. It provides one of the best online casino experience you have ever had. It is powered by a Microgaming software that has won awards, built for casinos. Spin Palace Casino is safe yet exciting. Once you register with this casino, you are guaranteed 100% safety and security, instant and downloadable games and a wide range of casino games to choose from. Another added advantage is that you can claim your casino bonus before you enter. It has a help desk, advanced security and protection, trusted payment options and tempting rewards.

Second Place

Betway Casino is for real players, who are willing to risk anything and win the prize money. This casino has three amazing offers for the first three deposits you make. You can experience the real casino games here. Play Blackjack, Roulette, or any other casino game and win rewards worthy of a Guinness Record! You make the right call, and you will be reaping the right rewards. You can choose from over 25 exciting games. Choose your favourite preferences, Las Vegas Strip, Multi hand or even the classic game.

Bronze Medal

Ruby Fortune: is fair, easy, safe and fun. People from anywhere across the globe can play and win. They have a welcome bonus of up to $750. You can register yourself and play online without ever having to download any software. They offer exciting games like Roulette, Black jack, Slots, Video Poker, Jack pots and many more from the collection of casino games. They have a 24/7 help desk. Ruby are one of the most trusted internet casinos worldwide. They have safe payment options. They have over 450 casino games to choose from. So, what is your bet?

Fourth Place

Jackpot City Casino: has over 300 exciting and daring slots to choose from. It offers the best online casino experience, especially blackjack, as users say. Also, it is a totally online game that does not require the player to download any software. You can sit in the comfort of your home and still not miss out on the action taking place in casinos. Jackpot City casino comes with the added advantage of no registration fees. Microgaming gives you a real time experience as you encounter all kinds of exciting tactics to win games. Count your cash as the reels spin away.

Last Place #5

Gaming Club: is one of the most popular choices of online casino lovers across the world. Casino titles are more exciting with those like Hitman, Hellboy, Tomb Raider Keno, European Roulette, European Black jack, etc. Powered by Microgaming, you have a wide range of award winning games to choose from. The process is really simple. Download the game, register yourself and start winning away! Bonuses of up to $ 350 are offered to the new users. They use legitimate Online Casino Software and is very safe. You will also enjoy the privileges of mobile casino and casino banking.

This is your guide to the top mobile casino games.