History of Online Casinos

History of online casino

Online casinos were once introduced in the year of 1995. The gambling public just so became attracted to it. In the very beginning, casinos were an offshoot from the usual online sportsbooks. Microgaming then introduced the first ever online casino named Internet Casinos Inc. It was also in the year of 1996 that it saw a bigger and better opportunity of dominating the industry. It sold almost all its casinos to concentrate further on the development of a gaming software platform.

Software Providers

Microgaming was mostly recognised as the very first company to ever concentrate on the development of software platform. This platform worked well with the presence of internet. The software product initially introduced by the company was straightforward. It offered almost fifty different games.  In the year of 2000, gaming software companies started to add more of their divisions on gambling games. With the sudden increase in competition, developers were even more challenged of developing better and more improved games. There were, in fact, more companies that focus on improving games and platforms. Among the leading industry players recognised include RealTime Gaming, Betsoft, Rival Gaming and TopGame.

Fair and Safe Casinos

Included in the history of online casinos is the assurance of a fair and safe playing experience. That was when they had developed RNG or random number generators. These have been designed to bring out random results when it comes to turning a reel, drawing cards and throwing a dice. Almost all regulatory agencies are demanding of each online casino’s RNG to be certified and tested by a particular body. This way, it will help players and will also protect them from cheating and manipulation.


Before, players were usually required of downloading several files. This way, they would be allowed to play all casino games all over the internet. There were massive downloads, but it took more time for the download process to be completed.  Companies such as Playtech and Microgaming started to develop a different platform. This platform worked well with a web-browser or flash mode used by a player. This will also give players access to various casino games online. This is also even on any personal computer that they make use of.

The Games

Online casino games are interesting and engaging for players out there. It is through modern technology that paved the way for game developers to develop and to innovate more beyond their imagination. Now, players loved it accessing hundreds to thousands of games but still depending on the casinos they employ.  Advancements in competition and gaming technology have fuelled much inspiration among game developers. They pushed further and came up with fantastic audio/video features and graphics. They, even more, take the time to innovate exciting and fun bonus games. Players were also able to enjoy more chances of winning huge money.  Players who enjoy it much playing in a live casino are also able to benefit more from gaming simulations. These were designed by game developers wherein a live dealer initiates the intense and fun gaming action.


The history of online casinos can be said to have crossed barriers. Technologies also have improved it further to bring out a fair and safe playing experience among players.