Scotland’s land based casinos

Scotland Casinos

A bit about Casinos in Scotland

The professional gamblers are always on the lookout for exotic destinations that provide new gambling opportunities. A new city, a new country, is what excites them and give them the motivation to travel and play. The gambling industry is a very prosperous industry, which sees unprecedented growth year after year. In the present time, Scotland has 15 land-based casinos that are situated in different parts of Scotland. The major cities that have their casinos include Edinburgh, Glasglow, Dundee, and Aberdeen. There are few selective casinos in these areas, which hold the same standard as few of the UK’s most famous casinos and provide ultimate gaming experience.

The Casino Games on offer in Scotland

The Scottish country offers various venues that host many casino games. Among them the most popular of casino games available in Scotland are as follows:

1) Games of Blackjack- The essence of this game is best known by a professional blackjack gamer. Each of the casinos in Scotlandcatersto the likes of Blackjack players. All casinos have a blackjack table; few also have many Blackjack terminals in their kitty to please the players.

2) Slot machines- There are various video slot games on offer that includes bonus games and features across all Scotland land casinos. Moreover, many casinos also offer a gamut of jackpot granting slot machines as well. These games can prove to be a life-changing experience and make players rich, so it is advisable to at least give a shot to these machines.

3) Games of Roulette- The players need to know beforehand that when one is playing in Scotland land-casino, the roulette wheel will consist of only one zero and betting spread. The player will have to access and play a little house edge form.  The game also offers variable stake levels in different casinos around Scotland; the players need to select the table based on personal preference.

4) 3 Card poker games- The latest entrant to the Scotland land-casinos, the three card poker game consist of two betting options in each game played. The players have the chance of gaining substantial winning amounts by playing either of the ones.

Moreover, the more prominent casinos like Princes Casino Glasglow, which is equipped with more than 20 gaming tables and many slot machines. In appendage to other favourite games offer few other striking games that include Baccarat and Mahjong.  The government has restricted the age limit for playing in land-casinos to eighteen years and above. All casinos have their own time of operations and dress code to follow.

The most famous land-casinos of Scotland

The city of Glasglow holds the biggest casino called as Alea Casino Glasglow. The place boasts of 60 gaming machines along with 21 table games. The second slot belongs to the Grosvenor Casino Dundee, that houses 60 gaming machine along with 12 table game. However, the most significant casino regarding the square foot is Grosvenor Casino Merchant City Glasglow. The place is 30,400 square feet and offers a variety of gaming options to players.